Nuance Powershare

Nuance Powershare Network- An electronic portal Clermont Radiology can send images or receive images from other imaging facilities or physician offices.

Patients: Needing your images shared electronically with a local office/hospital? Reach out to them to see if they use Powershare and if we are mutual contacts! If not, have them send us an invitation to connect and we will send over your images quickly! Looking to have your prior images sent to us electronically? Once we are connected, they can share images with Clermont Radiology. We will then download the images to our system and have these compared with your current studies.

Physicians/Hospitals: Find us on Nuance Powershare by sending an invite to Once we accept your invitation, you can directly send image requests through the site or fax over a request with the prompt to share images via Powershare. Requests are handled throughout the day.

**NOTE: We need both images and reports for a prior exam to be compared. Please make sure if images are shared, reports will also need to be faxed to 352-241-6101.

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