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Clermont Radiology

Your community imaging center providing advanced technology with compassionate care since 2005.

Clermont Radiology began as a family owned business and continues to operate as a caring team of healthcare professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality imaging services to the community. All of our Radiologists are Board Certified and Fellowship trained and are available for consultations with Referring Physicians.

About the

Women's Center

Clermont Radiology offers a private Women’s Center for mammography, ultrasound and DEXA scans.

Our Women’s Center provides a tranquil space dedicated to the health of women in our community. Our team of Women’s Imaging experts includes Mammography, X-ray, and Ultrasound technologists as well as Board Certified Radiologists who are Fellowship trained in Women’s Imaging.

What We Do


Clermont Radiology offers a variety of outpatient radiological services to meet your diagnostic imaging needs.

We offer same day appointments and accept most insurance plans.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging is an advanced imaging method that produces images of the body without surgery or x-rays. We offer both an Stand Up MRI for those with claustrophobia and Short Bore High Field MRI.

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Digital Mammogram

Mammography is the practice of radiographic imaging of the soft tissue of the breast. Annual screenings are recommended for women beginning at age 40.

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Ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging method that uses high frequency sound waves to produce images of structures of the body using a transducer.

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CT Scan

Computed Tomography uses special x-ray equipment to obtain information from different angles around the body.

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Digital X-ray

X-ray is a form of electromagnetic radiation, just like visible light. X-ray machines send individual x-ray particles called photons.

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Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry scans estimate the amount of bone mineral content in specific areas of your body.

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Your Community Imaging Center

Providing advanced technology with compassionate care since 2005.


We are committed to working with our professional partners in the community.

Radiologist Consultations

Our local, on-site radiologists are available for consultations by phone or in person to answer any questions a referring physician may have about a patient's exam results.

Personal Injury

Clermont Radiology has expertise in diagnostic imaging requirements for patients involved in a personal injury accident. We work with attorneys, doctors, and chiropractors to provide clear reports quickly.

Worker's Compensation

We also work with patients who have injuries covered under their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance plan. Our flexible scheduling of exams and fast Radiologist report turnaround time facilitates employees receiving the medical care they need to return to work quickly.

Clermont News

G-scan Brio MRI

Our Esaote G-Scan Brio MRI located in our Ocala office!

We have another great MRI machine for claustrophobic patients. Check out our Esaote G-Scan Brio MRI located in our Ocala office! The G-scan Brio is a revolutionary MRI approach for ...
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Open MRI Clermont

Oakley Seaver Open MRI

Are you claustrophobic? Our Oakley Seaver location has an Open MRI. The Open MRIs are noticeably quieter and are much more comfortable than a traditional MRI. It allows for imaging ...
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The 3 “Must Haves” in Women’s Imaging

Have you ever jumped out of bed, excited for your mammogram appointment? Probably not! At Clermont Radiology's Women's Center, we have created a soothing, spa-like environment staffed with caring experts, ...
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