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Why do I need a DEXA Scan?

DEXA (dual energy x-ray absorptiometry) is an exam that estimates bone density in specific areas of the body using special x-ray technology.


Your doctor may ask that you have a DEXA scan in order to:


- Assess overall bone health
- Determine risk for bone fractures or osteoporosis
- Diagnose osteoporosis


Who needs a DEXA Scan?


DEXA examinations are performed most often on post-menopausal women; however, in some cases men and children will also undergo the exam.
What to Expect:


- You will be asked to lie very still on the padded scan table, while breathing normally as the scanner arm passes over the area of interest.
- An exam usually consists of a spine and a single hip scan
- It takes about 20 minutes to perform the exam
- During the exam you will be exposed to a very small dose of radiation, less than that of a chest x-ray
- DEXA exams are quick, simple and painless. Here are a couple of things you don’t have to worry about:



How to Prepare:


A DEXA scan does not require extensive preparation. Click below for printable preparation instructions if you have an exam scheduled at Clermont Radiology.




Still Have Questions?


If you have any questions about your DEXA Scan, give us a call at 352-241-6100 or chat live with a staff member on our website!


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