It is estimated that 1 out of every 8 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. Mammography plays an important role in the early diagnosis of breast cancer. One question our technologists are asked frequently is, “What’s the difference between a diagnostic mammogram and a screening mammogram?”

Screening Mammogram

A Screening Mammogram is a routine x-ray exam for women who have not experienced any symptoms or abnormalities with their breasts. It is recommended annually for women as a breast cancer screening tool beginning at age 40. The exam can detect calcifications and masses before they are seen or felt by the patient. A screening mammogram will not diagnose a patient with cancer, however it will show the radiologist if additional testing is necessary.

Diagnostic Mammogram

A Diagnostic Mammogram is used when…

- a patient has experienced symptoms such as breast pain

- a patient has had an abnormal screening mammogram

- a patient has had breast cancer in the past

During a diagnostic mammogram, the technologist may image from several angles, zooming in on certain areas. Due to the increased number of images taken, a diagnostic mammogram tends to last slightly longer than a screening mammogram.

Our Women's Imaging Specialists

Whether you have a Screening or Diagnostic Mammogram done at Clermont Radiology, one of our sub-specialty trained, experienced, and caring Women's Imaging Specialists will interpret your exam.

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