Most women begin having annual screening mammograms around age 40. But if you are 55 or older, you may be wondering “at what age can I can stop getting mammograms?” The answer to this question is not the same for every woman, however, there are 3 sources that can help guide you to an answer: The American Cancer Society, your doctor, and your body.

1. What does the American Cancer Society say?

When it comes to age-related mammography recommendations, the American Cancer Society recommends the following…


2. What does Your Doctor say?

No two women are the same, so when it comes to your specific mammography needs, be sure to ask your doctor. Your personal medical history as well as family history will help your doctor determine the ideal plan of action for your screening mammograms.

3. What does Your Body say?

Listening to your body is also important when it comes to your breast health. Make an appointment with your doctor if you observe any of the following symptoms in your breasts:

-Unusual size, shape or color


-Dimpling or bulging skin

-Red or irritated skin

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