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A Softer, Warmer, More Comfortable Mammogram!

Have you ever experienced discomfort or anxiety during a mammogram? You are not alone! Most women who have had a mammogram share this same discomfort. Instead of accepting patient pain as normal or unavoidable, we searched for a solution.


Introducing… MammoPad® Breast Cusion!


MammoPad® is a latex-free, foam pad that is placed on the mammography machine during your exam and thrown away after. Using the MammoPad results in:


- Decreased discomfort by 50% in 3 out of 4 women


- A Softer and Warmer imaging experience


How will MammoPad® affect my exam results?


Decreasing discomfort is not only beneficial in the moment; it also helps increase the quality of your images. When a woman is relaxed during her mammogram, the technologist can more easily position her breasts properly and make sure sufficient compression is achieved.


How much does it cost?


Using a MammoPad® during your exam only costs $5! Insurance companies are not currently covering the MammoPad®, however, our patients have claimed the pad is well worth the $5.


What have patients said so far?


We have been interviewing patients, here at Clermont Radiology, who tried the MammoPad® for the first time. Here are a few responses:


“ So much better! So soft! I’d pay for others to use it!”


“Awesome! No discomfort, worth the $5”


“Kept from feeling the cold machine… Remarkable!”


“I don’t want another mammogram without MammoPad! Love it!”


Now it’s your turn. During your next Mammogram, request a MammoPad®!



Still Have Questions?


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