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3D Mammography… Is it right for me?


If you are a woman over the age of 40, you may have heard of 3D mammography or breast tomosynthesis. You may have wondered what this new form of mammography is, how it is different from regular mammograms, and if you should make the switch for your annual mammogram.


What is a 3D Mammogram?


3D mammography, also referred to as breast tomosynthesis, is very similar to the traditional (2D) mammogram. The difference is simple. The x-rays produce three-dimensional images of your breasts, rather than two-dimensional images. The exam itself, however, is very similar to a traditional mammogram.


What are the benefits?


Decreased Discomfort – Most women who have had a mammogram claim to experience discomfort. During a 3D mammogram, however, the breast is positioned the same as a traditional mammogram, with less pressure applied. The reduced pressure and compression result in a much less uncomfortable experience. *


Increased Breast Cancer Findings – Many recent studies suggest that 3D mammography is more accurate in detecting breast cancer than traditional 2D, catching cancer more often. *


Lower False Positive Rate – A false positive is simply when a mammogram shows an area of concern that turns out to be noncancerous. A false positive can result in unnecessary anxiety and extra testing, both of which you want to avoid! Studies have shown 3D mammograms produce less false positives that traditional 2D. *


Should I switch to a 3D Mammogram?


If you are interested in learning more about switching to a 3D mammogram, ask your physician. He or she will inform and direct you to the best breast health solutions for your body.


Where can I receive 3D Mammograms?


We are glad you asked! At our new location, Clermont Radiology Kings Ridge, we will be offering 3D mammography starting this month! Click the button below to schedule your mammogram appointment today…



Any Questions for Us?


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*To read more about the benefits of 3D mammograms, see the links below from breastcancer.org: