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I recommend Clermont Radiology for MRI and other Radiology needs.  They are second to none.  The Stand-up/Sit-down Open MRI is the leader in technology in the industry.  The professional staff (All) are amazing, caring, and kind.  They set the Benchmark for patient expectations in healthcare in the industry.  Accept the best results and choose Clermont Radiology.

I cannot do lay down MRI machines. Clermont Radiology has the most amazing facility and employees and they have true open MRI machines that you sit in. This is my second visit and I will never go anywhere else for my MRI needs. If anyone has questions about this facility, please let me know. If you have an MRI need make an appointment here I guarantee you will never be sorry.

Got there about 4:15 pm just to see if they can fit me in and got very good customer service. Let's just say from now on I'll just go to Clermont radiology and referred everyone to them.

Just had my second appointment this year (1st was DEXA, 2nd was X-rays) and the staff was fantastic again. Check-in was easy. The techs were great. No hassle making the appointments. No long wait time when you arrive. All-in-all, I recommend.

They were so nice, my appointment was at 9:30am I arrived a few min early, They took me back I was out by 9:35 , very fast and easy.

Receptionist was exceptional. She was friendly, and professional. Technician was professional, calming and good at her job. Great experience. Facility was warm, homey and inviting. Not like the hustle bustle of the hospital.