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Feeling Anxious about Your MRI Appointment?


It’s perfectly normal to feel a sense of anxiety about having an MRI, especially if you’ve never had one before and get claustrophobic in tight spaces. Knowing your options and what to expect may help alleviate some of your anxiety. 


The Good News!


- Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is painless
- It allows your physician to see inside your body without surgery
- MRI machines DO NOT use radiation to produce images
- There is more than one type of MRI machine, each used to best meet your imaging needs…including claustrophobia


High Field MRI vs. Open Upright MRI… What is the Difference?


Gladys performing an MRI using the High Field MRI at Clermont Radiology

How does the High Field MRI work?


-You will lie down horizontally during the exam
-The tunnel shaped design creates a strong magnetic field, resulting in high quality images
-Exam time ranges from 10-60 minutes depending on the area of the body being imaged and how still you are during the exam


Amber performing an MRI using the Open Upright MRI at Clermont Radiology

How does the Open Upright MRI work?


- The open design is ideal if you are claustrophobic, obese, or unable to lie horizontally
- It has multiple options for imaging positions:
* Capable of taking images while sitting, standing, lying horizontally or at a slight angle
* These options allow you to be imaged in the position that you are experiencing pain or while      bearing weight
- The magnetic field is not as strong as the high field MRI, producing slightly lower resolutions images
- Exam time ranges from 15-90 minutes depending on the area of the body being imaged and how still you are during the exam




At Clermont Radiology, we offer both High Field MRI and Open Upright MRI to ensure all of your diagnostic imaging needs are met. Our staff will work closely with you to make sure your experience is as easy and comfortable as possible, and will promptly deliver your results to your doctor within 24-48 hours.



Still have questions?


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