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American Heart Month... Reminding you to Love your Heart!

It’s finally February! Just about everyone probably knows that Valentine’s Day is around the corner, however this is not the only heart-focused event of the month. February is also American Heart Month, put in place to raise awareness for heart disease, the #1 cause of death among men and women in the United States year after year.


What can you do to decrease your risk for developing heart disease?


The American Heart Association encourages people to decrease their risk for developing heart disease using Life’s Simple 7:


Get Active. Control Cholesterol. Eat Better. Manage Blood Pressure. Lose Weight. Reduce Blood Sugar. Stop Smoking.


Read more on each of Life’s Simple 7 from the American Heart Association by clicking the heart below:


What if your Doctor needs a closer look at your Heart and Blood vessels?


If your doctor needs to see your heart and blood vessels as they function, he or she may ask you to have a CT Angiogram.


What is a CT Angiogram?


CT angiography uses a computed tomography (CT) scanner to produce detailed images of both blood vessels and tissues in various parts of the body. CT scan is then performed while contrast material flows through the blood vessels to the various organs of the body.


At Clermont Radiology, once your images have been obtained, one of our fellowship-trained radiologists will interpret them and give the report to your physician so that he or she can continue giving you the best possible medical care.


CLICK HERE to read more about CT Angiograms


Still Have Questions?


If you have any questions about your CT angiogram appointment, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 352-241-6100 or chat live with a staff member on our website at www.clermontradiology.com.


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