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All Radiologists are not Created Equal!

When you walk into an imaging center, it’s nice to receive a warm welcome at the front desk and be made comfortable by the technologist conducting your exam, but what about the Radiologist who reviews your exam?


There are 2 areas to consider when it comes to Radiologists: training & certification.


Training & Certification


The major element that separates a good radiologist from a great radiologist is his or her training and certification.


Fellowship and/or Subspecialty-Trained


When a radiologist is fellowship and/or subspecialty trained, he or she has gone through additional years of in-depth training, which takes place after medical school and residency. He or she is trained in a specific area of radiology, such as magnetic resonance imaging or nuclear medicine, and/or a specific area of the body, such as breast.


American Board of Radiology (ABR) Certified


A radiologist who is board certified by the ABR is required to:


- Stay up to date when it comes to advancements in the field and new practices in his or her specialty area
- Maintain a high level of quality in their practice, as each ABR certified radiologist is closely monitored and held to specific standards


The Clermont Team


At Clermont Radiology, we understand that all radiologists are not created equal. Our radiologists have each completed subspecialty and/or fellowship training and have been certified by the American Board of Radiology to ensure that your images are being interpreted by the best!

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