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The Truth about Radiation Exposure


How much radiation am I being exposed to? Isn’t radiation cancer causing? Are these exams safe? You may be asking these questions when a medical professional refers you to Clermont Radiology for diagnostic imaging.


Did you know… radiation is not a part of all medical imaging?


For instance, MRI and Ultrasound exams do not use any radiation to produce images.


- MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging): As in the name, an MRI machine uses large magnets to produce images


- Ultrasound: Using high frequency sound waves, ultrasound produces images as the waves bounce off part of your body, causing “echoes”


What about exams that DO use radiation?


When you receive an X-Ray, Mammogram, CT or DEXA Scan, your body is exposed to radiation. Here are a few facts that might help ease your mind:


- The Radiation Dose is based on the body area being imaged and sometimes your weight, so you will always receive the lowest dose possible.


- You are ONLY imaged if your doctor believes the information gained from the exam will outweigh the risks associated with the radiation.


- You are exposed to radiation naturally every day from natural sources without even realizing it.
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